Tree Trimming in Clearwater, FL

Tree Trimming Service

Pruning and trimming of trees is necessary if you want your trees to be in good condition. We are at your service for pruning any tree species. Clearwater Tree Service Pros provide a comprehensive range of tree pruning services, and with over 20 years’ experience operating as an industry approved arboricultural contractor, you can be assured that we have a tree trimming solution to suit your individual needs.

It is possible to trim the trees in your garden yourself. But often people don't realize that pruning branches and trees is a job that requires knowledge. It is a job that requires careful consideration of the branches that are removed. If you do not have this knowledge, a tree can also be damaged by pruning. 

A tree expert like us knows exactly when and where to prune your trees. So dont hesitate and let the tree trimming job in the hands of the professionals. Call us today for quality, fast and affordable tree trimming services in Cleat Water, FL.

Our commitment to customer service, our highly-trained and experienced staff, and our attention to detail are just a few of the things that makes us so much more than the rest. 

Furthermore, when you work with us, you are getting a commitment to safety that is unmatched by any other tree trimming company in Clearwater. You can rest assured that the project will be done right, and will be done accident-free. Our safety record is achieved through careful training and through using only the safest, most state-of-the-art equipment available to tree care services to date.

Why do trees have to be trimmed and pruned?

Trees should be pruned when:

  • The tree threatens to die
  • Trees need light to promote further growth
  • You want more fruit on your fruit trees
  • You want to protect trees against storm damage
  • You want to remove loose branches to prevent unsafe situations.
  • There is overdue maintenance

With these in mind, we implement various tree trimming technique such as:

Light pruning of the trees

We remove branches from it, so that the tree becomes less dense and more light comes through. The tree will fill up the open spaces again and therefore become denser over the years.

Shape pruning trees

We remove or shorten branches, creating the shape that you want, making your tree look better and giving you an asset to your property.

Topping trees

We remove the top from the tree if it has become too high. This will lower the risk of fallen trees.

Maintenance pruning

Last but not the least is maintenance pruning. We remove the lower and hanging branches creating more space and light. We remove unhealthy and sick branches resulting to more nutrients for the healthy ones. We remove broken branches and lower the risk of fallen trees that can damage your property or harm your family. All these are a part of our quality tree trimming service.


When can a tree be pruned?

The best time for maintenance trimming of a tree is between June to October, when it is full in the leaves. Other trees can also be pruned in winter or spring, but fruit trees, maple, birch, walnut and hornbeam cannot. Knots can best be truncated if there is no leaf on the tree during September to March.

Your trusted local tree trimming experts

When you work with us, you are working with a local team that knows the Clearwater area by heart. We are experts on the tree, weather and land conditions in our area and therefore can serve you better with that knowledge at hand. We can also come to you fast and we are just around the corner, ready for you to call us for that tree trimming job.

We are a local team where every team member has his own specialization. We manage everything ourselves so that you always have the same people walking around in your yard. We understand how important your home and other property are to you, and we treat every project with the care we would if it were in our own homes.

So Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate manager, body corporate, business or government body, Clearwater Service Pros is the right team to call for tree trimming services. Call us today to arrange a free quote from one of our friendly tree inspectors.

Don’t wait until somebody gets hurt or something gets damaged because tree branches fell to the ground. Contact Clearwater Tree Service Pros at [Add the phone number] or reach us through our email [email address] for a free assessment and estimate. Our customer representative is more than willing to accomodate you during our office hours.