Tree Care and Maintenance
Clearwater FL

Tree Care and Maintenance

Clearwater Tree Service pros are certified and expert tree caretakers providing tree services in Clearwater FL and surrounding area for over 20 years now. We carry out total tree care for you. Whether it is about pruning trees and shrubs, thinning out forest plots, maintenance trimming, tree safety checks, cutting down trees, maintaining monumental trees or cutting tree stumps.

Call our professional team for quality and competitive price tree maintenance today and rest easy knowing our team is fully licensed and insured for your protection and will provide you with a free no obligation quote before getting to work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Florida flourish with trees. Through education and best tree care practice, we work towards this goal one property owner at a time. To care for people’s trees and see them kept their trees healthy, strong and safe.

We believe that there must be a tree in every garden. In the summer you can sit in the shade, you can offer birds a safe place, you can see the tree as boundary giving you more privacy and you can enjoy beautiful autumn discoloration or flowering spring trees.

With this in mind, we put customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Our friendly staff will take the time to provide our clients with the right advice and service on your trees. From the beginning where you plant the trees to annual tree maintenance to make sure that your tree is in best shape.


Benefits of Professionally Maintained Trees


By regular tree cleaning and trimming, we remove dead, rubbing, broken or diseased branches that can fall and damage your properties


By regular tree maintenance, your trees can be shaped to blend harmoniously into its environment. Your home, property or school grounds will look great!


By branches thinning regularly, you will increase airflow and light throughout your tree.


By cutting away overgrown branches regularly, we can prevent them from reaching buildings, power lines, gutters and drains.


Tree lifting for safe clearance for pedestrians, vehicles and maintaining good visibility for traffic and signs.

Tree Advice and Inspection

If you’re a bit of a green thumb and like to look after your own trees, but need a bit of advice or help,
we offer tree consultations as well. Our professional arborist will be able to assess the situation you require
and commence a sustainable management plan for you to follow.