Stump Removal in Clearwater, FL

Stump removal

When a tree has been sawn or removed, you will always be stuck with the tree stump. This can be unsightly, a cause for pests and takes up land space. Tree stumps are usually difficult to remove, especially when it concerns an older tree. Luckily, Clearwater Tree Service Pros is here to help.

We are your professional tree care experts in Clearwater, FL who guarantee quality and affordable stump removal. We take pride in offering only the best stump removal service, thanks to our range of professional high quality stump grinding equipment that can handle the largest stumps all the way down to the smallest stumps. Our team has over 20 years experience safely removing stumps in Clearwater and surrounds.

We are equipped with the latest and sophisticated stump grinding technologies such as a portable grinder to effectively cut down the last parts of your tree stumps into small chips without damaging your property. Once our job is done, we level the surface to allow you to sow new plants in your garden.

Why remove tree stumps?

A tree stump is often an annoying obstacle in your garden. The tree stump has no useful function in your garden and is particularly annoying when you:

  • want to redecorate the garden, but always come across the stump
  • has been looking at that stump for years and now wants to get rid of it
  • want to re-pave the driveway, terrace or other pavement
  • want to install a new garden house or log cabin
  • stump decaying and affecting the nutrients of other trees and plants
  • stump becomes a pest nest 

Removing a tree stump is not an easy job. This usually requires specialist material. That is why it is advisable to hire a gardener.

Stump Removal Methods

Tree stump got you stumped? We have different solutions.

If you are dealing with a small tree stump, we can probably still dig it out of the ground using the old reliable shovel and some other techniques. However, more often than not, the stump has been already so deeply rooted that if you still want to use the digging solution, a heavy earth moving equipment such as excavators would be needed.

As you can imagine this method will have a much greater impact to the site and is usually only preferred if the customers are aiming for land clearance or major land development will take place.

We can also professionally remove the stumps in your garden through stump grinding. With stump grinding we mill the stump and roots in the ground into chips. By using a stump grinder, your stump will be gone without a trace. Our stump grinding methods are quick, convenient and environmentally friendly

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